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Arturo Cambeiro Senior Center

Do you need help caring for your elderly or disabled loved ones while you work? Nevada Adult Day Health Care Centers @ Arturo Cambeiro Senior Center ([email protected]) is specially designed to meet the needs of your elderly or disabled loved one. [email protected] is an organized program of services during the day in a group setting for the purpose of supporting the personal independence of older adults and promoting their social, physical and emotional well-being. Health services are available for your loved range from Registered Nurses to monitor their health daily including medication management, Physicians, Podiatrist, Licensed Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists and even a Board Certified Music Therapist. Convenient Services for your loved one include home cook meals, transportation to and from your home, scheduled daily activities, professional entertainment weekly, arts and crafts, socialization and daily exercises to keep their minds active. Our Clients enjoy hair and nail care, healing effects of music by a certified music therapist weekly, karaoke and dancing. For your loved ones safety and your peace of mind, [email protected] staff is professionally trained to provide the finest personal care for your loved one with a structured daily routine of support and encouragement. We take pride in meeting all of our Client’s individual needs with love and respect in order for them to live independent meaningful lives in order for them to prolong their autonomy and preserve their dignity. For further information, please contact us at (702) 384-3746.

Latino Youth Leadership Alumni

Since its beginning, the primary goal of the Latino Youth Leadership Conference has been to increase the number of Hispanic students who attend college. The LYLC has advanced the important messages of staying in school, preventing violence, increasing community involvement through volunteerism, maintaining a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs, and developing leadership skills. Students who graduate from the LYLC are eligible to become members of the Latino Youth Leadership Alumni (LYLA) where students can stay connected throughout the year. The Alumni through community service repeatedly reminds its members of the importance of retaining the value of community while instilling in them the value of education. The goal is to move away from the myth that community and education are somehow separate. Throughout the year the Alumni reinforces the values and goals expressed in the LYLC. The powerful role the LYLC and Alumni play in their members lives has significantly influenced hundreds of Hispanic youth and served to produce countless responsible and productive members of our society.

LATIN chamber of commerce young professionals (lccyp)

This program is designed for emerging leaders and professionals, and it is the go-to  organization for young professionals to engage in the Las Vegas community.  Members will have the opportunity to learn about current issues, interact with local and state leaders, and give back to the community in a meaningful way.   The group is here to help educate, prepare, and establish the next generation of professional leaders for both  the Latin Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Nevada business community.  The Young Professionals meet quarterly to listen to community leaders speak about their experiences, network with other young professionals and tour and learn about local businesses.  Young professionals can follow us on Facebook (Latin Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals) or on Twitter @LCCYP to learn more about upcoming events and ways to get involved.

Valley Center Opportunity Zone

The Valley Center Opportunity Zone (VCOZ) came into being as the result of a collaborative effort between the Hispanic and African-American Communities of Las Vegas. Representatives of the Latin and Urban Chambers got buy-in from Assemblymen Morse Arberry, Jr. and Mo Denis, along with State Senator Steven Horsford to seek funding for a proposal to provide grant assistance to small businesses located in the central area of Las Vegas during the 2005-2006 legislative session. VCOZ, a community development corporation, administers funds awarded by the State of Nevada to create economic impact, stimulate business activity and enhance visual appearances of business properties in a specific area of the Las Vegas Valley. Chief objective of the program is to assist businesses in blighted areas in downtown Las Vegas, areas east and north of the city, and within North Las Vegas. For more information call (702) 384-8269.


Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional is a community based, non-profit organization serving working, Latin-American families who are mainly Mexican, Central and South Americans. HMT advocates to unite and guide working immigrants, independent of their race, nationality, nation of origin, religion, language, sex, age and inmigration status. Their mission is to defend and advocate for the right of the inmigrant community, seeking complete integration in civil life and institutions of this country regardless of their inmigration status.

They are accredited and recognized under 8 C.F.R & 1292.2 (a) by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).